Spiritual Exercises – Reconciliation

Option One) Examine Your Own Story

Dig into your family history to explore how your own story intersects with the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. If your ancestors (or you) immigrated to Canada, when did they arrive and where did they settle? What happened to the Indigenous Peoples of that place? Is it possible to discover what relationship, if any, your ancestors had with Indigenous Peoples?

Come to your theme group with your family story.

Option Two) Kintsugi: Putting it Back Together

“Kintsugi is a pottery technique. When something breaks, like a vase, they glue it back together with melted gold. Instead of making the cracks invisible, they make them beautiful. To celebrate the history of the object. What it’s been through. And I was just…thinking of us like that. My heart full of gold veins, instead of cracks.”  Leah Raeder, Cam Girl

Explore a sought-after reconciliation in your own life. Consider a broken relationship
and explore the roots and where it’s stuck. Give thought to what next step, if any, you
might take toward healing the relationship.

If you like to work with your hands, take a piece of china or pottery (you decide how precious it is) and break it into a few large pieces.  Put it back together again, using various kinds and colours of glue, paint, and grout. As you do so, consider how where something is mended, it may become more beautiful.  Bring it to your group to share.

Option Three) Gaining a Greater Understanding of Indigenous History and it’s  Consequences

On Wednesday April 19th at 7:00pm come out to for a talk by Darren Thomas,  a Seneca Nation, Bear Clan from the Haudenosaunie. He is a doctoral candidate in the community psychology program at Wilfred Laurier University.

Thomas will offer insight into the complex nature of indigenous and Canadian relationships. Bring a friend! Admission is free.  Come to the theme group and share your experience of the evening.

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