Questions on Reconciliation

Choose one question to consider and revisit it over this month. Come to the theme group with your story.

Reconciliation between individuals and between cultures is complicated by many factors. How does power, or perceived power, play into the process of reconciliation?  

Reconciliation is not easy, it takes a willingness to sit with pain, discomfort, and vulnerability. People may not be able to, or ready to face the pain. In your own life, if the other party has been unwilling to work toward reconciliation, in what ways did you find peace and healing for yourself?

Do you believe that there are such things as irreconcilable differences? Have you ever refused to reconcile with someone?  Why was it important to you not to reconcile?  Has that sense changed with time?

What does reconciliation do with the hurt/scars/damage done when relationships
have broken?  How do you move forward together without denying the pain or damage?

What does reconciliation require? Fairness? Justice? Truth? Repentance?  In your personal experiences of reconciliation, what was most important?

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