Questions on Simplicity

Choose one question to consider and revisit it over this month.

What does simplicity mean to you? We all relate to the concept of simple living in different ways. Our need for it differs from person to person. For some it is about regaining control of time, for others about reducing financial costs, for someone else it is about relationships.  In what way does simplicity matter to you?

In what ways do you already live simply?  Make a list of all the ways you choose to keep things simple for you and your family.

Have you allowed your child’s/children’s life/lives to become too complex?  Many children, when asked, say their biggest wish is for their parents to spend more time with them.  Are you and your hopes for them a source of simplicity or a burden?

What is the most challenging aspect of living a simpler life for you?  Choosing simplicity can be difficult in a busy city with long commutes; what barriers come to mind when you think about simplifying?

Was there a time in your life when you felt you were living simply?  Think about what was happening and who you were with at the time.  What made life simple? How did you feel?  Are there elements of that time you could bring into your life today?




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