Invitation to Simplicity

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” E. F. Schumacher

Unitarian Universalism is a living, evolving religion –  our common connections are developing through community and conversation. We do not share beliefs about divinity but principles about how we should be in the world – how we should be in relationship with other people and beings. But principles are meaningless unless we express them in our daily lives.  As James MacKinnon, author of the 100 Mile Diet, says “When we act in ways that honour our principles we feel fulfillment and a sense of aliveness, of being true to ourselves”.

Simple living is one way we can live out our seven principles. Simplicity, or the most current minimalism movement, is a way to frame  your life so that your daily living expresses your values, goals and sense of purpose.  It is about living consciously and intentionally. Duane Elgin says it is about “living a life outwardly simple, inwardly rich.”

The most common elements of simplicity are mindful consumption, frugality, compassion, and environmental consciousness. It is this connection of the self with the whole that distinguishes the simple living movement from other self help movements.  It is not just about improving your personal life but also improving your ecological and social communities.  It is a sensibility that connects the individual to the whole, giving meaning and value to the everyday choices we make.

This month we will explore what simplicity means for each of us. Please visit our website for the latest information about this month’s events.




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