Questions on Music

Choose one question to ponder over the month and share with the group.

What music has influenced your attitude towards life?  Are you a free form jazz person, always improvising?  Do you find beauty by following the orderly orchestral score? Do songs of resistance empower you to take action?  Tell a story which illustrates how the genre or style of music shapes your way of being.

In your life, what is the relationship between music and spirituality?  Is music part of your spiritual practices?  Has music connected you to something greater than yourself?

Currently, what is one of your favourite songs or piece of music?  What are you listening to over and over, and why? Different songs reach us at different times in our lives. What does this music say about where you are at right now?

What role has music played in your life?  For some of us, music is in the background of our lives, we like it, but focus elsewhere. For others, music is an essential piece of ourselves, shaping who we are.  In what ways does music matter to you?

What music did you listen to as a youth or young adult?  What musicians or music experiences influenced your understanding of life’s meaning?  How did music help you grow?


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