Questions on Wonder

Choose a question to ponder during the month. Take time in the busy-ness of the holidays to pause and consider wonder.

When you were young, was your sense of wonder encouraged or squashed? How is the legacy of that playing out today? How do you want to change that legacy? Or build on it?

Do you take the time to wonder? We make time for what matters. Does your life prove that wonder matters to you?  How might you need to be more intentional about making room for wonder?

What keeps you from experiencing wonder? Is it a sense of numbness?  Or your busy life?  What wakes you up to wonder? Or is wonder simply unimportant?

What has been the biggest wonder of your life? What tops the list?  When were you “struck dumb” by something awesome?  Humbled or scared by something you simply could not explain?  Or was it more subtle than all that- something that came on more quietly?  Something that was ordinary but suddenly seen in a whole new light?

What most often wakes you up to the “wonder of it all”?  What simple, common experience or thing always strikes you as wonderful?  It may be the smile of your child, or autumn leaves in sunlight, or the smooth shape of an egg.




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