Invitation to Wonder

Wonder is always in the eye of the beholder, a momentary experience. It is a particular intersection between our own state of being and the world beyond. It is a gift of joy, surprise, awe, delight.

Wonder, that simple sensation, is essential to our well-being. When we return to wonder, we return to openness to the world, openness to possibility and change. It reminds us that the world is so much greater than our small, cynical, ironic selves.It reminds us that we – our very selves – are so much greater too.

In scientist Rachel Carson’s short essay on wonder she noted that those who strengthen their sense of wonder “dwell…among the beauties and mysteries of the earth [and] are never alone or weary of life…”. Wonder is a way to develop both inner contentment and excitement for living. An experience of wonder refreshes the spirit, it allows us to approach the world with grace.

Wonder is an attitude of the mind and the heart, a response to the marvels that surround us each and every day. This month, we explore a sense of wonder as a habit of being, a practice that we can develop. Winter is coming, with darkness and holiday lights; it’s a good time to approach the world with the openness of wonder.

Experiencing wonder reaffirms all that is good in people and on this planet.
May this be a month of wonder for you.




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