Spiritual Exercise on Endings

In this challenging month of Endings, choose the spiritual exercise that provides you with a sense of comfort.

Option One:  Tea Cup at Bedtime
Susan Jeffers in Embracing Uncertainty offers a spiritual exercise which reminds us to be conscious of death and grateful for life.

“I was once told that certain spiritual masters in Tibet used to set their teacups upside down before they went to bed each night as a reminder that all life was impermanent. And then, when they awoke each morning, they turned their teacups right side up again with the happy thought, ‘I’m still here!’ This simple gesture was a wonderful reminder to celebrate every moment of the day.”

Put a mug, glass or tea cup by your bed. Create a bedtime ritual of turning it over as a reminder that life and death are entwined.  In the morning, turn it right side with gratitude.

Option Two: Relax into Ending
Life coach Martha Beck reminds people that although the concept of letting go is theoretically sound, it’s much harder to put into practice. You can’t successfully try to let something go, because trying is at odds with releasing. We need to let our body, emotions, and spirit deal with endings, without so much conscious thought.

This meditation practice can help if you are struggling with an ending in your life.  Do it three or four times over the course of the month.

Find a quiet spot where you can sit comfortably and undisturbed. Take some deep breaths and settle yourself.

Hold the thing that is ending in your mind’s eye. While you inhale, silently repeat the phrase, “let it happen“.  When you exhale, silently repeat, “let it go“.

Do this for several minutes. Let yourself feel any emotions that come up, such as sadness or anger.  Just sit with the emotions and let them flow through you, and they will eventually subside. Once you feel more at peace, end the session.

Featured image creative commons licence The Patron Saint

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