Spiritual Exercise – Playfulness

Option One: Make Time for Play
This month, make time for play. Divide a page into two columns and head one column with “Play as a Child” and the other with “Play as an Adult.” List first all your favourite childhood play  activities, and list next all the adult activities that you do for pleasure.  After completing both lists, see if you can find comparable activities between the two, or if you see a theme or a pattern emerging from your lists.  What kind of playful activity engages you?  The goal is to discover an activity that can you do in your life now that puts you in mind of those freeing and joyful times of your childhood.

When you nail down that special activity, make a two-hour play-date with yourself and engage in it!  Try to get in at least two hours of playtime and then be prepared to share your experiences, reflections, pictures, objects, or anything you want to share with your group.

Option Two:  Laugh!
Keep it simple this month. Just take a five-minute laugh break every day. Keep a collection of jokes, videos or pictures that always set you off.  Or begin laughing and see how long you sustain it; at first it will feel artificial, just keep going. Set an alarm to remind yourself to do this daily.  Did it get easier over time? How did you feel after laughing?

This video on laughter yoga provides some basic direction.

If this is hard to do alone, find a friend and laugh together.


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