Questions on Playfulness

As always, you don’t need to respond to every question. Choose one and respond to it a few times over the month.

What do you do for play in your adult life? How is it the same, similar to, or different from your play as a child?  What experience(s) in your life do you call play? How has your sense of play evolved as you have grown through various ages and stages?

 What did you learn from the games you played as a child? Describe a game that left a lasting impression on your ideas of fair play, joyful play, competition or something else.

How and when does engaging in play give you a sense of free-spiritedness? Experts say that the most beneficial kind of play lends a sense of freedom and timelessness during the activity. Have you ever experienced this in your play?  What elements of play must be present for you to have a freeing experience?  Is it possible to be a free-spirit in a competitive game?  Why or why not?

What does it look like to be a community or people of play?  How does playfulness develop in a group? What, if anything, would you point to in church life that indicates our congregation is a people of playfulness?



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