Spiritual Exercise – Resilience

Option 1:  Resiliency Practices

We are more resilient than we realize. We have more resiliency tricks up our sleeves than we often give ourselves credit for.  This month the aim is to be more aware of, and intentional, about resiliency strategies that restore our spirits.

Take a few minutes to make a list of your top five resiliency practices and habits.  These are not necessarily spiritual practices – although both yoga and meditation are shown to have  a positive impact on people’s resiliency. Often they are simply activities that make you feel good about yourself and life, things that speak to you. Two examples:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Getting some exercise
  • Creating external order – taking a day to clean and organize the house
  • Managing eating and drinking
  • Meditating 3 mornings a week
  • Once-a-week email Sabbath – i.e. do not check email one day a week
  • Family dinners, with family gratitude prayer
  • Spending time with animals
  • Knitting
  • Watching The Daily Show


After you list your top 5, organize them according to these questions:

    • Which resiliency practice/habit is “saving” you right now?
    • Which one have you let slide and need to start doing more of again?
    • Which one was given to you by someone else? Which was a gift?
    • Which one did you discover on your own?
    • Which do you need to pass on to someone in your life? Who could benefit from sharing in this strategy?

Come to your group ready to share your insights from this exercise. And don’t forget to take time to engage in these activities this month!


Option 2:  Tap Into Your Resilient Past

Therapists and spiritual directors tell us that one of the best ways to bring resiliency back into our lives is to revisit a time in our life when we were successfully resilient.  This month take some time to revisit and honour a time when your powers of resiliency were at their peak.

There are many ways to honor this period of your life: write the story down, ask a close friend to be a witness and listen to you retell the story, find some photos, create a collage, post about it on facebook. Set up an altar with momentos or objects that reflect that time period. Play music connected to the event that restores your spirit.

Be creative – come to the theme group with a picture to share, or a symbol to show. Wear clothes or even the hairstyle from that period!



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