Questions on Welcoming

Read over the questions and notice which one captures your attention. Read it over a few times and keep the question at the back of your mind through out the month.

What were you taught about “being welcoming” growing up? What did “being open” mean to your family of origin? Did your family’s definition of “welcoming” have a shadow side?  What was meaningful and important about the way they embodied hospitality?

When has engagement with our religious community taught you something new about what it means to be a “welcoming person”? When has it challenged you to embody “hospitality” in a more meaningful or needed way? Relationships, watching our fellow church members, hearing stories about others living out their faith often provide the most powerful lessons and stimulate the most life-changing choices.  This is your chance to reflect on how this community of the chalice has made a difference in your life.

Sometimes it is easier to offer hospitality than accept it. Which do you prefer, being a guest or a host?  What do you like about this role? What are the challenges of the other role for you?

Our understanding of being welcoming is shaped by our own experiences.  What has been your experience in welcoming the stranger?  When have you been the stranger in need of hospitality? Think of an time when you truly aware of being welcoming or being welcomed.



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