Invitation to Mystery

As Unitarian Universalism is not a belief system, but a spiritual orientation, we hold a wide variety of theological beliefs.  Many UUs have no experience of God, identifying as humanists or atheists. Others see God as a distant, impersonal force, perhaps the creative power of evolution in the universe at work. And while few UUs think of God as a supernatural being, many understand themselves to be in some sort of personal relationship with a loving power. Others turn to the Goddess, a sense of the feminine, a sense of the earth as divine as a source of inspiration.  Some of us are comfortable using the word God, whether it means a Divine presence or the Life force of the universe, for others the term holds little meaning.

At UCM, we use the word mystery. Whether your religious approach is mystical or scientific, there is so much about life that is a mystery. We have barely begun knowing this infinite, dark matter filled, ever expanding, quantum universe.  As our knowledge increases, the horizon of the unknown expands. The term mystery makes room for all that is yet to be known and what may always be unknowable. The term mystery makes room for those who don’t experience a relationship with God, but doesn’t exclude those for whom God is a living and loving presence.

Mystery is large enough for both,as God is as mysterious as the universe. Mystery allows all of us to acknowledge that we are part of a larger whole, however you are comfortable defining it. God, Goddess, the Divine, the Way or the universe. This is a whole that is awesome and magnificent, far greater than our individual selves.

This month we journey into the mystery, to explore how experiencing a sense of mystery can be a profound source of spiritual sustenance.



This month, we take a break from Michael Franti, for the beautiful song Mystery from Canadian singer songwriter Bruce Cockburn.


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