Questions on Grace

As always, dont treat these questions like homework.”  You do not need to engage every single one.  Instead, simply find the one that hooksyou and let it lead you where you need to go.  And then come to your theme group prepared to share that journey.

Have you closed yourself off from grace because you are uncomfortable with the word?  Could you do the work to reclaim the word grace, or is there another word that better expresses a sense of grace? Describe what grace means to you.

Do you consider yourself “graceful”? Grace is not always something we receive or give. Sometimes it’s a state of being. Like a dancer lost in the flow, sometimes we are so attuned to and accepting of life’s currents that everything suddenly feels like a gift.  When was the last time you danced through life gracefully? What’s keeping you from doing it right now?

Is grace trying to get you to let go? Sometimes we cut ourselves off from grace by doggedly pursuing our own plans and preferences. Keeping your eyes on the prize can be noble, unless it’s blinding you to the real gift sitting in the other corner of the room. Think about a time when you missed out on grace. What did it feel like? What were the consequences?

When have you have experienced grace? Share a story about a time when you have felt accepted although you thought you were unacceptable. Or identify an unearned gift in your life. When have you been open to grace?






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