Questions on Equity

Read over the questions and see which one “leaps out” at you. Live with the question this month, keep it in your mind and see how your answer develops over time.

  1.  This month, notice when you are in a situation, or witness a situation and think to youself, “that’s unfair”?  What about the situation is inequitable?  How do you know when something is unfair? How does it feel to witness unfairness?
  2. What does it mean to be a person of “justice, equity and compassion?”  Describe a time when you lived our second principle, and acted for a more equitable solution.
  3.  Sometimes we can’t live up to our ideals. In the heat of the moment, or in a time of need, we are the unjust.  Has there been a time when you were the person who was unfair?
  4.  Do you think that all people are born with a sense that society should be equitable or does it have to be taught? Think back to your childhood and recall your most vivid experience of  fairness gained or denied.

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