Questions on Purpose

Consider which of these questions resonates with you most.  Which is “your question”?Take time to read them over and notice which one (just one) sticks out to you. Let it grab you and then see where it leads. And of course, come to your group’s meeting ready to share your tale.

How has your purpose changed over time?
Often, when we are young, our purpose is all about fitting in. Then as we grow a bit older it switches to our work and building a career and what we “want to be when we grow up.” Then family often becomes our central purpose. After that, some begin to focus on serving needs greater than our own. And for many, at the end of life, letting go becomes the purpose that matters most. What stage of life are you in and what unique purpose does that stage seem to be inviting you into right now?

Have you ever stumbled onto your true purpose while you were pursuing another?
We discover our purposes in roundabout ways. Sometimes it arises through intentional reflection; at other times, we stumble on it in surprising ways. Has your purpose ever caught you by surprise?

Have you ever had to embrace a purpose not completely of your own choosing?
Sometimes circumstances dictate our chosen purpose. Unplanned pregnancies, an illness, family members needing our help. All of these can cause our lives and our primary purposes to take a sharp turn. What was this like for you? How sharp was the turn?

When have you felt purposeless? And what or who helped you out past it?  Was it a dark time?

Does your life have a “higher purpose”? And what does “higher” even mean?


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