Especially for Families – Purpose

Goals give purpose; purpose gives faith; faith gives courage; courage gives enthusiasm; enthusiasm give energy and energy gives life.  Life is what lifts you over the hurdles and the bar.  Bob Richards

To be motivated by a sense of purpose, children need a sense of security, a positive self-concept or identity and feel a sense of belonging.  Then their internal sense of motivation comes naturally allowing them to focus on the task at hand rather than being concerned about the impression they are making upon others. Parenting with Purpose: Five Keys to Raising Children with Values and Vision by Robert W. Reasoner, Marilyn L. Lane

For more thoughts on purpose and meaning in the early years, check out this article Purpose in the early years.

 The Three Questions by Joh J Muth (from a folk tale by Leo Tolstoy).

This article looks at the beautiful picture book Me… Jane about the way Jane Goodall‘s childhood experiences influenced her life.

Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Ryan and Jimmy by Herb Shoveller

The Little Crooked Christmas Tree by Michael Cutting

For Youth
Explore The Me to We Foundation website for inspiring stories about children and teens making a difference.

Learn more about Me to We founder Craig Kielburger and his story – It Takes a Child.

For amazing stories and good advice about turning dreams into acheivements, turn your teen onto Chris Hadfield’s book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life.

Write a family mission statement. Work with your children on creating a statement that captures what your family is all about! It could be as simple as “We love one another.” or “we work hard and we play hard.”

What do your kids think is most important about your family? Do they have a sense of purpose? How does each person’s sense of purpose affect the family?


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