Invitation to Listening

Fiona in office“Great listening is in its way no less difficult than great writing. It is simply less cultivated, less noted, less hailed by the world.” Rabbi David Wolpe

As Unitarian Universalists we belong to the earth and celebrate the mystery. We are a spiritual community which emphasizes connection – to our authentic selves, to one another, to the greater community and to the earth. We seek to heal disconnection at all levels, to restore our hearts, to grow the loving ties of community and restore healthy relationships with our planetary home. The journey towards connection often begins with listening, deep listening, listening well.

And so we take up this simple but precious task. But the simplest tasks are often the most complex. Listening is hard. Knowing who or what to listen to is an on-going process of discernment. Like most spiritual practices, listening well requires our attention and ability to be present. To be truly heard is a great gift.

This month, we launch our theme based ministry with the question “What does it mean to be people of deep listening?  Throughout September, we will seek to develop and offer this gift of listening well to the world.



Michael Franti is one of my favourite musical artists. Each month, I’ll share one of his songs that aligns with our theme.  Enjoy!


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