Questions on Listening

Read these questions and find the question that speaks to you or grabs your attention. Live with the question for the month – consider the question every couple of days and go a little deeper each time.  Then bring your experience with the question to your small group.  In other words, “find the question that hooks you and let it take you on a ride.”

  1. Of all the readings this month, which one particularly spoke to you? Which one captures a piece of what it means to you to be a person who listens well?
  2. What were you taught about “listening well” growing up?  How did others listen to you?  How were you told to listen to others?  What did you listen to?  Nature?  Stories?  Music?  Friends?  Mentors?
  3. When has engagement with our Unitarian Universalist community taught you something about what it means to be a “person who listens well”? When has it challenged you to embody listening well in a more meaningful or needed way?  Relationships with others within this community – hearing their stories – can often provide powerful lessons.

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